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     Government Grants up to $5,600 

    $1,000 for every KW installed up to $5,000 Canada Greener Homes Grant (

Apply for Greener Home Loan to get an Interest Free Loan up to $40,000

Go Green!

Reach out to our Residential solar installers or our Commercial solar installers and get your free proposal!

Reduce Greenhouse gas emissions by 0.86 Tonnes for every 1000 kWh produced!

Join Solar clubs and export to the grid at 30 ¢/kWh!
*Designed for solar micro-generators exporting more electricity to the grid than they are importing.

Join Solar Clubs

Cut your ROI in Half!

Exclusive Solar Club Electricity Rates
Electricity rates designed for small solar micro-generators who are on a bi-directional cumulative meter.
Solar Club members can switch between these two rates at any time with just 10 days notice, penalty free to accommodate seasonal generation fluctuations.


To apply for the Federal Government Greener Homes Grant for your solar project please follow these steps:

Step 1

Click on the following link and sign on to participate in the Greener Homes Grant program. Ensure that you receive an AP number and take a note on who you chose for your EnerGuide home evaluation. Apply for Government loan up to $40,000 interest free for 10 years!

Step 2

Once you have an AP number do not wait for the Government program to contact your EnerGuide home evaluator, arrange your home evaluation with the company of your choice (the one you designated in the application)

Step 3

When EnerGuide home evaluation is complete you are ready to arrange your solar installation

Step 4

Arrange post upgrade EnerGuide evaluation of your home.

The Greener Homes Grant is not available for new builds only existing homes. It provides a grant of $1,000 for every 1kWh (1,000W panels) up to a maximum of $5,000. The Greener Homes Grant also covers $600 of the EnerGuide home evaluation cost.

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